Nephilim are the fallen angels described in Genesis 6:4 and in the Book of Enoch. Fallen angels are also known as the sons of God and watchers. The Holy angels are also called the watchers in Daniel 4:13. The fallen angels came into the daughters of men (humans) producing off spring known as giants starting at Mount Harmon on the Lebanon and Syria boarder north of Israel before the flood. The demons we deal with today are the disembodied spirits of these giants‘who are dammed being an abomination against Gods will and order. The Valley of the Rephaim is where these giants in Joshua 15:8 and 2 Samuel 5:17-22 resided after the flood known as the walking dead and also lived among the Philistines in the region of Gath. The term Nephilim over time has come to also include the giants referred to as the Nephilim being they are of their fathers and even called monsters in The Book of the Giants. So by using the term Nephilim today covers fallen angels, giants, hybrids, monsters and the Rephaim, even though Nephilim means fallen angels. Rephaim would better describe the giants, hybrids and monsters, but is rarely used by most. Demons are still referred to as demons being they are the spirit of the giants, hybrids and monsters sometimes referred to as unclean spirits. These sprits can be of an animal nature since the corruption did include all life on earth, not just humans. An Exorcist in time will encounter all of the mentioned spirits manifesting in both Christians and none Christians. The book “Second Heaven Invasion” the Spirit Realm Series by Scott E. Hensler describes these sprits demons of all types.

    King David when he was still a boy slew one of these giants known so well as the story of David and Goliath. David prevailed with divine intervention in killing Goliath and then cutting his head off in victory. This web site is based on the coming resurrection of these giants in many forms under the scientific term transhumanism. This includes grays, shadow people, supper soldiers, reptilians, black-eyed children and so on. Scripture is quiet clear in Luck 17 and Matthew 24 that it will be as it was in the days of Noah told by Jesus Christ Himself. The book entitled “Second Heaven Invasions” book series gives in detail the format of the demonic world using angelic technology by the fallen angles to bring in the last days that will fulfil Jesus’s prophecy and the coming demonic attack on mankind. However, just knowing what is coming does not necessarily prepare you for the spiritual and physical reality of this end of day’s nightmare.




   We also see in Scripture that men’s hearts will fail them for fear of those things coming on the earth (Luke 21:26-36.) The book “Second Heaven Invasion” book series is the only book at this time giving you instructions as a believer in Jesus Christ the spiritual warfare tools needed to enable you to stand against the wiles of the enemy using the Blood of Jesus Christ! Today’s Christian church has neglected to teach the Saints (Elect) just who they are in Christ and their power and authority given them to battle against all evil. As a result many will perish from lack of knowledge (Hosea 4: 6) when the restrainers release the coming evil to destroy mankind (2 Thessalonians 2:6.)

   In this web site the Author of “Second Heaven Invasions” book series not only informs the reader how evil is going to carry out their plain, but also gives this much needed information to help all prepare for the coming attempt to eliminate over six billion people on this earth. This includes Christians, none-Christians, and even those who helped and assisted the evil occult plot to complete their mission to find salvation and renounce the evil they have been serving. We see in the Book of Revelation 11:18 that God will destroy those who tried to destroy the earth. Again, this is the function of this website is to help you understand you cannot serve two masters, and you cannot drink from the cup of demons and the cup of Christ at the same time. You must make that decision now while you still can to turn your life over to Jesus Christ rejecting evil; and join the Satins in the last days as was commanded to us as Christians to move forward in the Great Commission, given to us by Jesus Christ the Son of God (Matthew 28:18-20.)

   So no matter what you have done in the past. By turning from your wicked ways and repenting. You can have forgiveness and salvation against the coming judgment. Again, in this late hour so few are ready or have the spiritual know how to fight in the spirit realm and stand against the coming tribulation. However, while you still draw breath you can repent, learn and ready yourself for the coming battle that will involves every man, woman, child, demon, Nephilim and Satan himself. The Blood of Jesus Christ and spiritual warfare are our only defense. Time is running out!

One book that gives answers what to do when these things happen! “Second Heaven Invasion”

The Second Heaven Invasion

Stop, learn, counter and destroy demonic opposition!

Authored by Scott E. Hensler

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